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possible pregnancy

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tess01 Wed 28-Feb-07 14:20:08

Can someone possibly help me. Im so confused, I m/c on 22 Jan 07 and i dont no if im pregnant again or not. Ive regularly done pregnancy checks to check when hcg levels have gone down but theyve stayed at pregnant. For the past few days i have started having breast tenderness again and i dont no if its possible to be pregnant again or if its in my head because of the desire to b preg again. thx

Fingerscrossed2007 Wed 28-Feb-07 14:25:40

Tess - i suggest you get some medical advice from your Dr and request a blood test so they can see what levels of hcg you have.

Technically if you have had unprotected sex you can become pregncant within a couple of weeks of an m/c as for many women ovulution begins straight away. There are other resons whay you may still have hgc showign but eitherway I think you need to see someone. Did anyone suggest a 6 week check up if you were'nt feeling ok?

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