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Ovulation timing 🤔

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NurseJay Mon 13-Feb-17 18:40:58

Hi guys! I started my period on 7/02/17 it came 10 days early and lasted until 11/02/17. I'm using the app clue to help track ovulation but I'd like to double check! I've been told in normal circumstances its 2 weeks after the first day of my period which would be 21/02/17 but the Clue app is saying I should start around the 16th? I feel like this months my month and just want to really make sure!.gringringrin

ethelfleda Mon 13-Feb-17 18:46:03

How long are your cycles usually? It's hard to say exactly when you will ovulate as every woman is different. You'd need to chart your temps and use opks etc to tell for definite. If this isn't up your street then I would just dtd every other day throughout your cycle to try and catch it. Good luck!

Emma2803 Mon 13-Feb-17 22:51:57

Agree opk is the way to go. It's more accurate to say your period arrives 14 days after ovulation but that's no good to go by as by then it's too late!! Dtd every other day just to be sure!!

booox Tue 14-Feb-17 21:01:06

Yes you need to chart with opks and temps to get an accurate picture of your cycle.

If my cycle is 25 days, I ovulate around day 11. I never really got a positive opk but my temp rose the day after. I conceived my son Like that.

My cycles are different now and can vary from 23 to 29 days so I'm temping and charting to look for any patterns but if you dtd every other day from about day 10- day 18 though you are fairly well covered!

The other clue is cervical mucous, which is often a good sign ovulation is close.

BertieBotts Tue 14-Feb-17 21:13:42

Yes, the app is telling you when your fertile period is likely to be. Your fertile period lasts from 5 days before ovulation to 24 hours after ovulation. So the 16th is accurate if you expect to ovulate on the 21st.

The others are right though, counting is fine if you just want a rough idea of when you're likely to be fertile, but if you want to pinpoint ovulation for certain it's best to take your basal body temperature and/or use OPKs to see when it's happening.

NurseJay Tue 14-Feb-17 21:13:52

Thanks for all the advice!! As of today I'm going to DTD every 2 days in the hope that this is the time!! Fingers crossed!!

BertieBotts Tue 14-Feb-17 21:14:59

Good luck smile

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