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TTC using a syringe - am I only one?

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Hcmp1980 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:47:52

Hi all, my DH has a life long medical condition that needs to be controlled with medication. I'm thrilled we have finally found the optimum medication and he is entirely stable and illness free.

.....but one downside of the medication is that its almost totally killed his libido. I can live with this, it's not ideal but better than him not taking drugs. But it has posed a challenge with TTC, especially as my cycle is also totally erratic.

So over the last two months we have tried using a 5ml oral syringe - he just has some time to himself and presents me with a small bowl and I do the rest. We have sex at other times but when I'm ovulating this approach seems to take the pressure off him and he can do his part of the job (as it were).

But I've realised I've told no one - not family or friends who know we're TTC. It just feels such a weird thing to admit too.

Am I the only one to have tried this approach?? Has anyone any success stories or warnings??

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