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Shortened cycle on Menopur and back pain - anyone with experience?

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SquillosMum Wed 28-Feb-07 12:01:46

I'm on Menopur to stimulate ovulation before donor insemination which is due to happen tomorrow - v excited, but also seems very early in my cycle (day 11 of normally 29-30 day cycle). I was worried about the cycle being short, but I guess the drugs might contribute to this. I was scanned yesterday and had one follicle at 16mm which is what they look for before the insemination. On the way home from the scan I started noticing an intermitent pain in my back (on the same side as the ovary with the follicle). Was wondering if this was the start of ovulation. I had to take the HGC drug (Pregnyl) to stimulate the egg to be released last night at midnight and I've had no more pain this morning.

Just wondered if anyone else had experience with these drugs, or any insight into the pains?

I have done this before 2 years ago, it's amazing how much you just forget!!

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