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Do you need both lines of cross on clear blue for positive

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traceyjacks Sun 12-Feb-17 10:52:05

Hi, please could someone help - sorry if I am being thick.
I went to Tesco this morning to buy a pregnancy test as I was due on yesterday though ovulated late so would be 12dpo. They only had clear blue easy in the shop.
One line of the cross is dark and the other is very faint, is this positive? Do you need both lines to be the same for a positive result?
Thank you

Twistedsister7 Sun 12-Feb-17 12:25:51

CB have several types but it really should tell you on the box.

If it needs a cross I think that test is negative. If it needs a horizontal line then positive but you really need to look at the box.

Twistedsister7 Sun 12-Feb-17 12:26:57

Ps I also had what I thought was a faint cross & turned out negative. Blue lines are horrid. Try a pink line test.

Oysterbabe Sun 12-Feb-17 12:45:54

Can you take another picture? It's difficult to see with the light on it.

Thefishtankneedswater Sun 12-Feb-17 12:48:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Writerwannabe83 Sun 12-Feb-17 15:48:21

I think I can see a faint vertical line but it's hard to say for definite because the photo isn't too clear.

Could you take another photo from a different angle?

GreedyDuck Sun 12-Feb-17 19:45:12

The reflection makes it difficult to see, but if there is a vertical line of any strength in the cross window, and it appeared within the time limit, then yes it's a positive. The two lines of the cross do not have to be equal strength.

GreedyDuck Sun 12-Feb-17 19:46:51

For example, these are all positives.

jld128 Mon 13-Feb-17 11:45:29

i think but can't really remember but you need a cross, pic isn't very clear but i can't see a cross i used multiple diff tests and my clear blue always looked like this ignore the other tests! i became a bit of an addict!

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