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Watery periods???

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ethelfleda Fri 10-Feb-17 14:07:38

Hello everyone
I have just started AF after three months of TTC... I've noticed that since I came off the pill 6 months ago that my periods are quite watery compared to before. With no clots at all - as if it is just blood and no uterine lining is there at all. Any one else experience this? Should I be worried?
Thank you!

Jooni Fri 10-Feb-17 14:19:21

My first few periods while still breastfeeding were like this, and my cycles were shorter than before baby too. Is your cycle length normal? It can take a few months for everything to completely return to normal, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. I didn't even have a period at all until 3 months off the pill but still conceived the next cycle. Good luck.

ethelfleda Fri 10-Feb-17 14:23:26

My cycles are usually 26 days but sometimes have been 24 and sometimes 28. Thank you x

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