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doctor seems gloomy help!!!!!!

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wishing1 Tue 27-Feb-07 21:42:54

I'm suprised at my gp's response. I am 38 and ttc for 8 months. Everything is fine with me, dh is a little low on the count 23 mil but not drastic. Doc says I am making good eggs and I have had children years ago so he thinks it has nothing to do with me. I asked if dh could take vitamens and go on boxers and he said no nothing will work it's either iui or ivf! I find that strange since only trying for 8 months. There are many people that try for longer than that and dont jump to iui and get prego. Should I wait until it's been a year?

MrsMar Tue 27-Feb-07 22:09:01

Hi Wishing.... I posted on your thread a week or so back. I recommended the Wellman vits. Who was it who said nothing would work, was it your GP or your DH? If it's your GP I'd seriously recommend asking if you can see someone else. After 8 months of trying, it's pretty bad to be written off if you've had good results from everything else (apart from the sperm results, which can be worked on) My GP was really sympathetic. She really understood my concerns and referred me after 8 months of ttc to the assisted conception unit, but never gave up saying "keep trying, you never know". I think to start thinking of invasive proceedures after only 8 months is really unfair. Is there another GP in your practice you can see, or perhaps try another practice. Is your GP male or female? It sounds really awful of me, and a good GP should be sympathetic to all their patients, but I felt a woman GP would understand the feelings much more. My (female) GP is pretty young (30) but she totally got my concerns.

I hope that helps, good luck xxx

wishing1 Tue 27-Feb-07 22:22:03

thanks, its a man and I did get him the vitamens, he says I'm as fertile as the day is long, his concern is dh. GP wrote us off, why jump to invasive after 8 months, I need a new gp, maybe he just wants the money. Anyway I think we are going to stick with the vitamens and lots of bd'ing until it's been a year which will be end of June thanks.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 28-Feb-07 06:50:41

I partly agree with your GP with regards to the vitamins and boxers issues. Sperms are complicated things and simple remedies such as these to improve sperm count may not actually make much if any difference.

However to say that its IUI or IVF should be a decision only made by the gynae and the two of you as a couple. The three of you need to be able to work as a team.

The count itself is only a small part; it is also how well formed (morphology) the sperm are that is important as well. Were you told anything about the morphology?.

I think your GP was actually incorrect to just assume that as you've had children years ago it has nothing to do with you.

The general consensus is that if you're over 35 and have been trying for six months plus then a referral to a gynae is in order.

You can of course wait till June but I would see if you can go on the referral list now. It won't do any harm besides which it can take around six months to be seen anyway for an initial appointment.

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