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Symptom spotting!

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user1471496670 Fri 10-Feb-17 12:04:56

So I'm currently 8dpo - going to test on Valentines Day at 12dpo and have loads of 'symptoms' this month.....
Currently we have: very sore boobs and nipples
Increased cm
Very visible blue veins in hands (palms and inside of fingers) and thighs - is that even a symptom?
Back ache
Lots and lots of cramping every night since Monday
Very vivid dreams every time I fall asleep
Had afternoon nap for 2 days running then 10/11hrs of sleep at night

Sounding possible?
Who else has got symptoms? Real or imaginary? grin

QueenGiggles Fri 10-Feb-17 17:40:50

I've been getting a heavy feeling in tummy and a pulsing pain/ache in my boobs that starts at outside (near underarm) and moves inwards then stop! Been more fatigued than normal! Hoping it's good signs but not hopeful for this month! Due AF on Sunday but only 7/8dpo as ovulated late and frer was BFN today (didn't work out dpo till after I'd taken it)

user1471496670 Fri 10-Feb-17 18:51:05

Fingers crossed for us both!!
I keep feeling very pregnant but then feel normal so who knows?! Lol!
Roll on Tuesday!

QueenGiggles Fri 10-Feb-17 19:19:15

Yep I feel a bit like that! I'm swinging from 1 to the next! Yep defo fx for us both smile

Littlemisssugarplum88 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:17:14

Fingers crossed for you both...symptoms sound promising anyway smile xx

QueenGiggles Fri 10-Feb-17 20:32:32

Thanks little miss smile

Can you count "your partner irritating the life out of you (even when doing nothing) all of a sudden" as a symptom lol

user1471496670 Fri 10-Feb-17 23:42:04

Thank you Littlemiss and Giggles that sounds like a definite one to me! Lol 😆😂

QueenGiggles Sat 11-Feb-17 07:20:21

BFN here this morning get! Due AF tomor! Been up feeling good puked since 4am tho that could be down to my medication

Littlemisssugarplum88 Sat 11-Feb-17 07:32:58

I am feeling soooo sick and dizzy this morning, but it's probably just down to having worked a night shift 😟xx

user1471496670 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:58:05

Aw fingers crossed for you both...nausea sounds 'good'.
I feel a bit queezy too but didn't go to sleep until 4am and up early to view a house so probably lack of sleep!
No more cramping at all but did have another vivid dream!

EmmaMCS Sat 11-Feb-17 14:59:16

First time posting and first time TTC! Hi everyone! Very new to this, AF still v irregular - only 2 visits since coming off pill in August. Last AF 14.01 and sure I ovulated 30.01 - right royal headache and sharp cramps for half a day! From (guessing!) 2 dpo have had sharp cramping and twinges in abdomen and lower back, followed by constant feeling of bloating & indigestion, & v. vivid dreams! BFN on 10.02, am I too early to test or just imagining things? confused

WeasleyWoman Sat 11-Feb-17 19:57:36

Some good symptoms OP!
I'm having a wierd one. Felt v pregnant 2 weeks ago, on pill, still breastfeeding DD10months and not had a period yet but took a test which was negative. Had chat with DH and decided to ttc DC3 and stopped taking my Pill (had reached end of pack). Since then I have continued to feel pregnant - nausea, bloated, nosebleeds, wierd pant snot and no period. Have resisted taking a test as I won't believe another bfn! So jist symptom spotting and trying not to get over excited/terrified

user1471496670 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:16:51

Very weird feelings in the bottom of my tummy...almost like movements (but obviously not! Lol) But similar feeling! Might take a test at just 10dpo tomorrow-they're cheap enough! Plus DP goes to work away tomorrow and not back until mid-week.

BabyKangaroo90 Sat 11-Feb-17 21:09:08

Good luck to everyone! I'm not expecting a BFP this month as we only dtd once and it was a couple days before I ovulated so I have a very low chance. But this month I have been so constipated for days then an upset stomach on repeat for over a week now! Driving me mad! Maybe it's a bug? Also have very sore breasts but this is usual for me before AF. I have a week until AF is due to rear her ugly head. X

user1471496670 Sun 12-Feb-17 08:52:29

BFN this morning sad

QueenGiggles Sun 12-Feb-17 09:14:02

BFN here this morning too and period cramps!

user1471496670 Mon 13-Feb-17 06:28:52

And another BFN! Work this morning with a colleague/friend who started trying the same month as us and I'm so genuinely happy for her but feel sick at the thought of seeing her, and guilty for feeling that way. sad

QueenGiggles Mon 13-Feb-17 20:39:08

Bfn here too

It's only natural to feel that way and we're all the same

Littlemisssugarplum88 Mon 13-Feb-17 21:34:08

Bfn tonight too, but I tested a few days early so we will see. Not convinced this month tho xx

QueenGiggles Mon 13-Feb-17 21:37:23

Yeah I'm not feeling optimistic for this month at all now xx

Littlemisssugarplum88 Mon 13-Feb-17 21:42:13

I worked out that if I'd have conceived this month then my EDD would have been on my birthday. And it was my birthday last year when I found out I was pregnant before my mc. I was kind of hoping this month would be kind to me but doesn't look that way xx

BabyKangaroo90 Mon 13-Feb-17 23:13:18

I stupidly tested this afternoon too and it was very clearly a BFN! No squinting necessary. I wasn't holding out much hope for this month anyway but it's still so disheartening! X

user1471496670 Tue 14-Feb-17 06:31:27

I'm so sorry Little Miss, Queen and Bambino x
Well Ovia app helpfully tells me it's time to test today and have yet another BFN. I feel absolutely devastated and crushed. If I'd conceived I would have been due on DPs Birthday and we were so sure I was this month. I have had every single symptom pointing to it, I just don't understand.
I'm now lying in bed crying with my heart pounding. It's so hard going through this every month and I'm really losing hope.

BabyKangaroo90 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:26:42

User don't lose hope. I also did another FRER this morning and after spending ages agonising over whether what I could see was in my head or an indent line I realised I'm driving myself insane! It's just so hard because it's what you want so badly but stay positive. Maybe have a "baby makeation" and have a little break from it. Remember it's not over until AF rears her ugly head x

Littlemisssugarplum88 Tue 14-Feb-17 11:31:46

So it's cd27 today and I'm having some tummy cramps and just had some clear mucous. I can't remember I had that or not last time I was pregnant?! Or is it just likely af is on the way?! Xx

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