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So confused RE period and cervix

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Bubblegum89 Thu 09-Feb-17 15:52:40

Can someone help me out and reassure me that I'm not broken?!

So af came a day late which is very unusual as I'm usually like clockwork but nevertheless she showed her face. I'd had a couple of days of mild cramps and very light spotting only when I wiped. Today I've had no cramps, just twinges in my left/right side which obviously I prefer to the usual killer cramps I normally get (eve though I bought a unicorn hot water bottle ready for this special ocassion and now I don't even need it) But my flow has been pretty heavy in that I've "filled" two light tampons already and I've just put in a third. So there we are, af is in full swing. Day one is always the heaviest for me.

So I know that cervical position is a tricky one as it's only really reliable for telling you when you're ovulating and whatnot and it is NOT an indicator for pregnancy. Which is fine, I'm not pregnant, I'm having a period so literally the opposite of being knocked up. But for shits and giggles, I've been keeping an eye on my CP for the last week or so, so I could kind of get a feel for when af was going to show up so I could mentally prepare myself. It's been high. So it took a full middle finger to reach it (don't worry, my finger was very clean!) but there was no real struggle to find it. I assumed it would get easier to find as I approached my period. But no. It seemed to get higher. And today, while I'm in the full throes of af's glorious might, it is the highest it has ever been. It's so high up (and squidgy soft, dunno if it's open or closed as I draw the line at fingering my cervical entrance) that I had to perform some serious acrobatic type moves just so the tip of my finger could glimpse it. I did manage to touch it but I didn't even realise it was possible for it to go that high. And I've been checking it a hundred times a day for like a week.

Anyway, am I broken though? I know CP is controversial but it's pretty much widely accepted that as part of menstruation, it would be at a low (or medium at the most) position especially on the heaviest day of af? I'm worried that I've got a confused cervix that's just packed its bags and given up.

Someone tell me I'm normal and a high soft cervix is more than possible during the first full-force day of your period and that it only goes low for chumps (kidding)

Tattybogle89 Thu 09-Feb-17 18:29:03

Hi bubblegum😉 think wev spoken on tww thread. I'm sorry your af has shown. Mine is due in 2 days. I have been tracking cervix for first time this month and mine is still high up. I dont know what's open and what's closed coz cervical opening just feels like a slit to me since my first child lol. I don't know what's soft or hard either as it always just feels like a gross contraption at the best of times.

Anyhoo.. Just to say my period due in 2 days and my cervix is high still. Am waiting patiently on it dropping and secretly telling myself that its not, because I must be pregnant, and bugger what 100 websites say about cervical position not being an indicator of pregnancy .

😉 x

Bubblegum89 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:09:22

Hiya tatty! smile

Fingers crossed she doesn't show up! I know a few ladies who said their cervix didn't go to the low position until af actually started. I just don't understand why mine still hasn't despite now being one day deep into af lol I've had a baby right outta the vagine and I think that your cervix is never fully closed after that (if you saw my DD's head then you would certainly agree) so I think it's normal for them to be a tad open. Although poking at my cervix too long gives me cramps so I tend to just check the position and how soft/firm it is and then get the hell out. I think I was pretty brave to go up there while in the full swing of af to be honest, but with it being even higher, I had to look for longer and so when I eventually took what felt like my entire fist from in there it was a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque but shows for sure I'm on my period and it's not implantation bleeding or whatever like someone else suggested.

I hate that apps and stuff are all like "record your cervical fluids! Your cervical position! Your physical and emotional symptoms!" but then it's like, oh but none of these things actually help so you're absolutely wasting your time... fingers crossed for you, nothing worse than when af shows her damn face. Have you been poas or do you have more patience than I had (was poas from 7dpo pretty much haha) x

haveacupoftea Thu 09-Feb-17 20:35:34

My cervix used to be low and firm day before AF, then day of AF it would go high. When I got pregnant it stayed low. It really isn't a reliable indicator at all.

Bubblegum89 Thu 09-Feb-17 20:46:29

Thanks cupoftea I know I'm not pregnant, I'm not using it as an indicator for that smile I just wondered what would cause it to go from high to very high whilst on your period as it's "supposed" to be low

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