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Didn't dtd during suspected ovulation, could I still be pregnant?

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Ttc321 Wed 08-Feb-17 19:26:42

Hi all, here is my cycle, I had a positive opk on the day the app predicted - but don't know wether it was accurate due to my PCOS, but anyway I could not did on that day as it wasn't possible but we did the day before and day after.. is pregnancy still possible? Thanks!

Nowthereistwo Wed 08-Feb-17 19:27:39

Yes as sperm can live inside for 5 days

Phoenix76 Wed 08-Feb-17 23:09:56

Yes as nowthereistwo says sperm can live for around 5 days, egg 48 hours. Good luck.

sooperdooper Wed 08-Feb-17 23:11:16


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