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What is this Discharge?

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Mummytobe17 Wed 08-Feb-17 10:58:44

Hi, im 99.9% sure im pregnant all the signs are there. My last period was on 16/Jan and only lasted about 3 days but normal cycle is 28 days. Unprotected sex with my partner most days around 23rd Jan to 1st Feb and then had what im sure is implantation bleed on 6th Feb only a little bit light brown and only a bit on sanitary towel and then had to wipe (not much at all) lasted about a day. That was 2 days ago and today i woke up to stringy brown discharge as pictured. Is this normal? Going to test each day, tests stil look negative but period not due anyway until 13/Feb and doctor said it can take up to 6 days after implantation sometimes longer for positive. Help please? Is this normal.

Ttc321 Wed 08-Feb-17 20:03:18

Sorry to say but I had this last cycle and then a few days after i started my AF was so shocked as my cycle was only 17 days and wasn't expecting my period either. But If you are sure you're pregnant then I would seek medical advice. Good luck

Phoenix76 Wed 08-Feb-17 23:07:54

Our bodies are frustrating sometimes aren't they! Anyway, I had this (could actually have been my pic if I'd taken one) a few weeks after my bfp which sent me into a frenzy, but all was fine she's almost a year old now. Long & short of it, could easily be either but hoping for you it's good news x

Mrsbluebell17 Thu 09-Feb-17 15:37:36

How are you getting on OP? Hope all is ok.

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