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TTC Month 6

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alisonyawn Tue 07-Feb-17 15:47:07

Ok, so I'm new to the website. And I'm just looking for some advice really.
A back story. I'm 29 years old, female, and a size 16.
I got married in March 2016, and we wanted to try for a baby soon after.
I was advised by my nurse to carry on making sure I had my Depo injection as long as possible to make sure I didn't "ruin my wedding."
I had the Depo for exactly 5 years. My last injection was in October 2015, so it become null in January 2016.
My periods didn't start showing anything until September 2016, which is when we started trying. However, they were nothing like I used to get, and very scanty. But came every 28 days ish.
In December, I suddenly had a period lasting 17 days. Finishing on the 27th Dec.
I had yet another "scanty" period on the 3rd January until the 9th, and then on the 21st to the 28th Jan, I started, what I would call, a normal period. It was medium to heavy, like I used to get, and (TMI) you could see the clots of the lining etc, with the bright red blood.
I finally thought my body was completely back to normal, as it was the 12 months the doctor recommended that it can take the Depo to clear. And again, we tried.
However, 2 days ago (February 5th), I started having the scanty period again, much lighter again, and it's gone from brown to red.
I'm so stressed about this all, but I'm also really worrying something is very wrong. All google searches point to polycystic ovary syndrome or infertility. I have made an appointment with my GP but couldn't get in until March 3rd.
Has anyone else ever experiences this please? sadsad

FellOutOfBed2wice Tue 07-Feb-17 16:01:35

I had a mirena coil in for 5 years and 5 months and had very similar symptoms to what you describe. I was 28. I went to my GP once we had been trying for six months and she referred me for tests including having my endometrial layer measured. It was very thin, which they put down to the coil.

I used a Royal Jelly supplement and had acupuncture for two further months to encourage the EL to thicken and became pregnant with DD1 by month 8 of TTC. Could have been a coincidence.

For what it's worth I became pregnant with DD2 two years later on the first month of trying.

alisonyawn Tue 07-Feb-17 16:12:03

Thank you for your reply.
I'm hoping it isn't as bothersome as POS and definitely not fertility issues!

Did the doctor recommend acupuncture and the Royal Jelly? I'm willing to try anything to get myself back to normal. I know I'm not helping myself by stressing about it either..

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