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Any help would be much appreciated

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Alicejj8x Tue 07-Feb-17 12:38:34

Don't know if this thread belongs with this post but il post it anyway.. jist want some general advice please

Me and my other half have been ttc for a while now!.. I had a MMC last march and since then my periods have been about every 3 months!
I've had blood tests for hormones and recently a ultra sound and it all come back normal and they couldn't see anything wrong
Since the last AF in dec I've been checking ovulation and haven't ry had what is classed as a positive.
I have done pregnancy tests and still all negative. I rang the doctors last Wednesday and he said to give it a week re test Wednesday before appointment and then come in This Wednesday. Now I don't know how many more appointments I can go to without going crazy and just screaming out of frustration for them to give me something to help my periods

Can anyone give me any advice please

Phoenix76 Tue 07-Feb-17 22:42:03

Hello alicejj8x sorry to hear you're having a bad time and for your loss. I'd say your post is in the right place. It's very encouraging that your results have come back normal, if not a little frustrating for you. Unfortunately, for a lot of us ttc is a nightmarish waiting game. Your GP may well be able to recommend something for you. It could be worth a google of QC10 Ubiquionol and fertility (it covers af too ). If you're not already make sure you're taking folic acid and hang on in there. It can take some of us longer than others to get our bfp, I was one of the longer! You haven't said how you track ovalution but maybe you're trusting the results to much? Anyway, good luck and hopefully more advice will follow.

Alicejj8x Wed 08-Feb-17 06:46:26

Thankyou so much for your comment

Yes I felt much happier knowing them came back all normal but now it's like why isn't AF regular if everything is okay lol!!
Ahhh okay Thankyou! I shall go and google that now !! smile
I am off to the doctors today again as he said to come back in a weeks time.. I did a preg test yesterday but stil BFN so I wonder if he'll want to do bloods and then have to come back again!! sad
Yes I am and have been taking folic acid for a long number of months now we also tried the pregnecare conception tablets for him and her which are meant to be good but we thought atm where my AF hasn't come best not to take them and use them all up as there very pricey! Then if he gives me something we're start them back up again smile Thankyou though
Ah no was you one of the longer ones? ..
I have been doing the Opks I got some cheap ones of Amazon and then got a few from a local supermarket but not branded ones.. I haven't got a 'positive ' well what's classed on the pack as a positive anyway but have heard a few woman say they never got a positive but still got pregnant so I guess if you look into it to much your stress yourself out.
Thankyou so so much I shall reply back after my doctors appointment this morning smile xxx

Phoenix76 Wed 08-Feb-17 21:44:25

Hello! Just wanted to make sure you're ok and how it went with the doctor today.

Alicejj8x Thu 09-Feb-17 07:31:37

Ahh bless you! 😘
Well the doctors have really angered me but I'm trying to be calm -
I rang in the morning and no appointments so I booked one in for today at 10.30am! But I asked for a call back- They was meant to call me back yesterday and they never called between 12-1.. so I rang at 1.30 and said how comes no one has called back- the receptionist said oh hasn't the doctor called I'm so sorry I'll get him to call it'll probably be around 2pm now so it got to 3pm and still no call! I rang back and said the same and she said oh I'm so sorry it's been so busy today he will call you on his break around 5.30! Anyway 6.30 came still no call so I thought screw this it's ridiculous now good job I've got my appointment for today sorted. Anyway I went off to eat my dinner came back and the doctor called at 7.35pm! But I missed it and they closed at 8! So I thought I'll have words today lol! Just annoyed me! But I'll go in today and explain face to face again about it all and see what come off it. Thanks for asking and I'll update today after my appointment xx

Alicejj8x Thu 09-Feb-17 09:38:21

Scrap that doctors have just called and said I need to come in and talk to my usual doctor so got to go for appointment tmo instead of today as usual doctor not in today! Arghhhj x

Phoenix76 Thu 09-Feb-17 14:45:57

Oh dear what a carry on! It might turn out better talking to your usual doctor as he can see how long it's been going on now and sit up and listen this time. This is probably the worst time of year to get doctors appointments because of the assortment of illnesses around. Don't give up hope, it can take a long time to get there. When I was ttc I can an abnormal smear test come back & was told not to ttc until I'd had investigations, then I had a cp, then it just took months & months I was so close to giving up. The only opk's I got on with were Clearblue, they're expensive so I just used them for 2 months until I had an idea of when I ovaluted. I used the digital ones. Tbh I ended up just dtd every 2-3 days and after a month of doing my new plan I got my bfp. Please keep in touch sending best wishes x

Alicejj8x Thu 09-Feb-17 15:08:10

I think you are right! I shall let you know how I get on tmo with my appointment ! It's all fun and games isn't it sad

Oh wow really? See I've got a smear test booked in 2 weeks Thursday ( do you think abnormal cells can cause lack of periods?) or periods every 3 months as now in worried about that as this will be my first smear :/.

Oh wow yeah I can see why you would feel to give up to but I'm so glad you didn't and got your BFP!!!
Ahh okay I may look into them opks then smile Thankyou I shall defo stay in touch ! Xxx

Phoenix76 Thu 09-Feb-17 21:39:52

Well done for getting yourself booked for a smear test! Although they're not the most pleasant things they're not as bad as people think. I honestly don't know whether abnormal cells would affect periods, I didn't think so but I don't know enough to give an accurate answer. The idea of smears is they pick things up before they become a problem. I think maybe with you, and I'm not a doctor, is it could be your body settling down after what you went through. The fact your tests came back normal is really positive. If you'd had endo, fibroids, cysts etc I would have thought a scan would have shown it. I'd really given up hope of a bfp and almost fainted when it came up 2-3 weeks. You sound really lovely and I really hope you get some answers and solutions really soon, I'm keeping everything crossed for you x

Alicejj8x Fri 10-Feb-17 06:13:46

Yes thought I should get one and now is probably around the best time as then we can carry on ttc knowing that everything is fine. As I'm not sure you can have a smear when pregnant can you?..
Yeah I didn't know either I hope not!!
Yeah I think your right about my body needing to settle down as I guess we don't realise the shock of what we go through really impacts our bodies.
Yes I'm so glad the scan and bloods were all clear and fine.
Yeah I would of thought it would of picked that up to especially as the lady really focused on my ovaries.

Ah I bet you did but I'm so happy you got your BFP - has that been recent? Or have you got your bundle of joy now smile
Ahhh Thankyou so much! You sound really lovely too!! Me too I can't keep on having periods every 3 months when ttc it's driving me bananas lol!!
I will let you know once I've been to doctors today xxxx

Phoenix76 Mon 13-Feb-17 21:46:45

Hello ! How are you getting on? I forgot to answer some of your questions as my DDs have been swopping illnesses so I've been nurse maid & dp has it bad too. My bfp is now almost a year old! I'm not sure about a smear when pregnant, I'm pretty sure they don't encourage it, also in the rare chance they found something being pregnant would affect treatment, that's what they told me but you don't need to start fretting about that! I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!

Alicejj8x Tue 14-Feb-17 07:13:19

Oh no! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon! & hope you don't come down with it!
Ahh cute nearly a year smile
Okay cool Thankyou well I have finally got my appointment this morning so I'll check back in soon. Xxx

Hippychic79 Tue 14-Feb-17 07:29:44

Accupuncture might help xxx

Alicejj8x Tue 14-Feb-17 08:13:30

Oh I don't think that would be for me tbh lol but thanks xx

Hippychic79 Tue 14-Feb-17 08:43:02

No worries - it's helped my cycles loads but understand it's not for everyone xx

Alicejj8x Tue 14-Feb-17 08:52:59

Yah I have heard tbh it's meant to be good but I just don't personally think I could. I just hope today they can finally give me something sad x

Alicejj8x Tue 14-Feb-17 13:27:40

Hi ladies.. they gave me something!! They gave me norethisterone tablets one tablet 3 times a day thankgod! Fingers crossed now

Phoenix76 Tue 14-Feb-17 23:09:24

Hello alice! Sorry it's taken a while, poor dd2 has been having temps of 40 and I've been fighting getting it down all day it's been up and down and dp has man flu which I think he expects the front page of the local rag to appear on. Anyway, that is FANTASTIC!!! Finally things are moving. I'm so happy for you. I had acupuncture a few times for something different, and it didn't hurt, it was relaxing. I guess it depends on who's doing it, but I completely get why it's not for everyone. Please do stay in touch and if you start another thread let me know!

Alicejj8x Mon 27-Feb-17 07:01:27

Finally AF is here!

Alicejj8x Mon 27-Feb-17 09:49:57

Hello so sorry I've only just seen your post now!!
Oh no I hope she is al better now for you temps of 40 must of been scary! Ohh yeah they think when they have the flu the whole world is ending don't they loooool! Hope he is better now though for your sake anyway ahah!!
Finally yes I was so relived when I got the tablet and then I was worrying what if AF doesn't show but luckily today I woke up and bam there she was lol! Which was good as I stopped taking tablet Thursday smile
Ahh okay! I've heard a lot about acupuncture being good I'm just such a wimp lol!
Thankyou for replying! Yes I shal defo let you know fingers crossed now AF is here maybe a BFP soon?! Xxxx

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