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Think is a bit early to have tested but advice needed pls

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Discodiscostar Mon 06-Feb-17 17:33:33

I have had my nexplanon implant removed nearly 3 weeks ago had no period whilst on it and not had one since it was removed. I think that I ovulated between Tuesday and Thursday last week. Me and dh did the deed twice over those days. The thing is I don't have a point of reference like with my other sons as to when my last period was etc. So did a saisnburys Pg test today which had the thinnest of lines and also a very feint one one would have said bfn with it to be honest then did two FrEr due to the first one having a slight line they were both bfn.. so now I think I totally did it too early but don't know what the result is or if I should leave a few weeks maybe? Help please lol xx

WhatsForDinnerMummy Mon 06-Feb-17 18:17:59

I'd say give it a week, test again, then if bfn again, give it another go in another week. Also I find digitalis better for a deffo yes or a deffo no. Something about seeing the words I think xx

Discodiscostar Mon 06-Feb-17 18:33:24

Thankyou x will do that as think if had fallen on last week would defo be some sort of strong result by then. Have sore boobs and feeling a bit tired and irritable but those aren't great signs for me as happen before AF as well but don't think AF should be here for nearly two weeks so is early for pmtx

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