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Not ovulating, Staffordshire / Burton fertility clinic & Clomid

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PeoniesandRoses Mon 06-Feb-17 13:51:00

First of all hi, i'm new here!

I've always had fairly irregular periods, it had never really bothered me before and I hadn't been tracking them, it just came when it did. Now I'm trying to conceive and my cycle is around 40 - 60 days, I've been for a day 21 blood test and it suggested I was not ovulating. I've also been using OPK at home and not had a positive result (tested 30 consecutive days). I had a ultrasound scan and it suggested slightly polycystic ovaries. Im slightly overweight (not by very much though) and 28.

I've been referred to the fertility clinic, where hubby has to "do the business", and I'm hoping to receive Clomid.

So several questions really...
1)How long did you have to wait for your appointment at the fertility clinic? (I'm in Staffs and hoping to go to Burton).
2)What were your experiences of Clomid?
3) Any other tips for slightly polycystic ovaries / not ovulating?


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