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Is this positive..sorry for having to ask!

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Adogcalledcat Sun 05-Feb-17 08:41:21

Sorry for the blurry photo but I really just need some more eyes on this test. I feel like there is a shadow or maybe a faint line there? Or maybe it's just wishful thinking!

Mammabear31 Sun 05-Feb-17 08:42:14

A very clear positive- congratulations!

Sonnet18 Sun 05-Feb-17 08:42:33

Positive! Congrats! My first internet cheapie was even fainter than that- I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant! Congrats!

Dementedswan Sun 05-Feb-17 08:42:33

It's not that feint. Congratulations!

Adogcalledcat Sun 05-Feb-17 08:45:06

shock thanks so much for replying. After 2 miscarriages last year I really hope 2017 is kinder!

haveacupoftea Sun 05-Feb-17 16:52:49

Good luck!

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