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5 days late, still getting BFN!?

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Gemmaxo Sat 04-Feb-17 19:34:27

Anyone else experienced this and still been pregnant? I have been experiencing some symptoms but still BFN. AF Was due on the 31st January and still nothing, not even any cramps which I usually have on the run up to my period

Ilovecaindingle Sat 04-Feb-17 19:36:16

I was 2 weeks past af due date with dd. As I only dtd on day 23 I must have ovulated later than I thought. She was also a week overdue.

RememberToSmile1980 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:36:30

This was me last month - I was basically 4 days late. It took my cycle to 32 days! Unfortunately AF did arrive - I was so disappointed! Fingers crossed that's not the case for you.

Gemmaxo Sat 04-Feb-17 19:46:04

Me and my DH Have been TTC since my miscarriage in november, so hoping this is my month but it's so disheartening seeing the BFN but not knowing what's going on! As still no AF! sad

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