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I've never ovulated - age 24

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user1486227249 Sat 04-Feb-17 17:07:23

Hi there,
I was hoping someone might be able to relate/advise -
I was put on the contraceptive pill aged 17 to stimulate monthly bleeds (note the difference from ovulating, no egg is released) - I was told this was primary amenorrhea but no cause was identified.
From then until now (7 years) I took lots of different OCPs and decided 6 months ago to come off due to wanting to rid myself from artificial hormones.
5 months post-pill and still no ovulation. Tests have revealed low oestrogen, one-sided polycystic ovary and I've been told I won't be able to conceive naturally.
Obviously I'm devastated and am left with so many questions. I have 4 months before I have to go back on the combined pill to boost oestrogen.
Has anyone had a similar situation? Does anyone have any advice? They say I should stop exercising so much (I really don't exercise that much?!?) but can't offer me a solution other than that, when the times right, I will have to go down an assisted fertility route.
Has anyone had a similar situation and had any luck with acupuncture/herbs/nutrition to kick-start ovulation? I guess they haven't identified why I don't ovulate which is really a problem!
Thank you!

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