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TTC #2 - 2WW

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WhatsForDinnerMummy Fri 03-Feb-17 22:43:00

Okay so we're ttc #2, and fell in cycle #2 with DD (2yo).
Now in the 2ww (af due 14th Feb). I seriously don't remember feeling this anxious and impatient first time round. Does anyone have any tips to calm myself the f down cause I'm driving myself crazy! It's all I think about. I don't know if I'm expecting too much cause I fell so quickly with #1. Any tips greatly received 😩

Bubbles225 Sat 04-Feb-17 08:53:22

What cycle are you in this time? No advice here I'm afraid. I couldnt bear the 2ww!!

WhatsForDinnerMummy Sat 04-Feb-17 17:07:00

Cycle #1! That makes it worse that I, already so impatient 😔😔 xx

sureitsgrand Sun 05-Feb-17 11:02:02

Hi, I'm ttc no 2 also, with 2 yr old DS. I had a mmc in August. AF due 14th also.
I've had a shitty month, so I actually don't think we dtd enough.
I'm dying to be pregnant again.

Binglesplodge Sun 05-Feb-17 11:14:53

I am also cycle 1 with dc2, due 14th Feb! Got pregnant on cycle 1 with dc1 but this time I got serious cold feet after 1 try and now I don't know what I'm hoping for on V-day... Not sure if I'll be relieved not to be pregnant, disappointed not to be pregnant, happy to be pregnant, or pregnant and terrified.

So I'm joining this thread with very mixed feelings! Anyone else apprehensive about having to do it all again? My ds's first year was very hard for all of us.

Bubblegum89 Sun 05-Feb-17 11:20:09

Also ttc#2. Was told in December I have scarring in my uterus and may not be able to conceive again so pretty crappy sad I'm on cycle 2, 11dpo and pretty much all my symptoms disappeared at 9dpo so think I'm definitely out this month sad good luck ladies!!

Binglesplodge Sun 05-Feb-17 11:35:13

Ah, sorry bubblegum. flowers

Oysterbabe Sun 05-Feb-17 11:57:18

Ttc #2, DD 13 months, cycle 1, only stopped the pill on Thursday.
The prospect of doing it all again is daunting. DD was preterm and a very demanding baby, it felt like she just cried for the first 4 months. I think my brain has blocked out how hard it was because she is an easy baby now and an absolute joy.
I do remember feeling incredibly stressed and anxious when DH and I are were tag team trying to put her down to bed, she'd wake and scream the second you put her down. Then there was the pregnancy itself, all straight forward until her surprise appearance so I'll be super anxious about the next one coming even earlier..

Anyway, despite all the worries I am really, really impatient to get pregnant again. I literally cried when I saw a newborn through other day, soooo broody!
I don't have any tips as I'm the same smile Maybe staying off Mumsnet and trying not to think about it would help but there's no chance of that! Hang tight everyone, we'll get there!

Littlemisssugarplum88 Sun 05-Feb-17 15:53:24

Can I join you ladies on this post?! smile

I'm ttc dc1. I'm currently towards the end of my fertile week and due af 19th Feb so may still have a day or two left to dtd.
This is my first cycle post a mc so hoping for a bit more luck this time around xx

WelshMammy123 Sun 05-Feb-17 16:10:54

I'll join too if that's ok?! We're also TTC our second. Took a long time (3.5 years) to conceive our DD who's now nearly 2. Last year we started TTC again and I surprisingly fell pregnant on the 2nd month of trying but that ended in a MMC in April. I then fell pregnant again on cycle 3 in July ish but sadly had to have a tfmr.

This cycle is now cycle 3 I think after the tfmr and I swing between positivity and panic about the whole thing even though it's very early days. Think because it took us so long to have DD I don't have confidence in my bodies ability to fall pregnant. Oh and the age thing stresses me out as I'm nearly 38.

Fingers crossed for baby dust for us all! X

Littlemisssugarplum88 Sun 05-Feb-17 16:22:18

Oh sorry just realised the post is for those ttc #2. Good luck ladies xx

Binglesplodge Sun 05-Feb-17 18:42:34

Good luck, sugarplum: hope it's good news very soon!

Itsjustaphase84 Sun 05-Feb-17 20:23:08

Me!! Lets keep each other posted. I'm TTC dc2 my dc is 2 now. I'm cycle 3 and very anxious at the moment. I'm 3 dpo and af due 17/02
I worry it will be years and my dc will grow up without a sibling confused

GreedyDuck Sun 05-Feb-17 21:35:09

I'm also ttc #2, already have a 2yo DD. Had a mmc at Christmas, so this is cycle 1, 2dpo. Not sure we dtd enough though.

Conceived first month of using opks in October, although had a chemical the month before, I think.

Praying I manage to conceive quickly again, but trying to be realistic as I turn 43 next month.

WhatsForDinnerMummy Sun 05-Feb-17 22:12:11

Hi ladies!!
Don't be discouraged littlemisssugarplum88 join the ride anyway!
I'm driving myself mad I'm sure I am. Getting so many symptoms but today the acne started, big sign for af.
binglesplodge I feel the same apprehension! Had miscarriage in June/July (unplanned) very very early on, I in fact miscarried before I even tested according to doc! So I understand your feelings.
Also convinced I had pnd after DD. So scared to experience that again.
sureitsgrand I feel the same, almost as though the week ovulation starts SO decides his sex drive has lowered, usually not the case! So yeah, we probably could of put a better effort in.
bubblegum89 I'm so sorry to hear that, must be so difficult for you. Never lose hope and know we're sending baby vibes your way.
Thanks for joining ladies, I'm looking forward to seeing those BFPs

sureitsgrand Tue 07-Feb-17 09:31:25

Oh dear, not due AF for another week and can already feel the temptation to test. I have to stay strong!!!

Itsjustaphase84 Tue 07-Feb-17 10:43:39

Sorry to hear that 2yo is mad on babies
He keeps saying that he has one growing in his tummy despite him obviously not knowing about us trying for a sibling. Everytime he sees a baby he shouts... It's a baby mummy!!! sad

MrsGB2225 Tue 07-Feb-17 11:43:03

Can I join you ladies? I'm TTC #2, DS is almost 2. I've been off the pill since the start of January but no sign of anything yet.
Bingles me and DH are pretty scared to do it again. Our son was a silent reflux baby that screamed constantly. He almost broke us! But we want to have another so here we go...confused

WhatsForDinnerMummy Tue 07-Feb-17 11:57:38

sureitsgrand me too! I did cave thought I saw a right squinter so I decided to bin it and wait til the 14th as planned.

I feel like DD is ready for a sibling, she loves playing with her babies it melts my heart. She needs a friend I think. Ahh the wait is excruciating

sureitsgrand Tue 07-Feb-17 13:26:14

Ah whatsfor, so delighted it's not just me! Early testing is a killer, but so addictive grin

Binglesplodge Tue 07-Feb-17 13:56:45

MrsGB: exactly the same story here! Months of colic and reflux meant a nightmare first baby and some really tough times, putting an order in for an easy second...!

sureitsgrand Tue 07-Feb-17 18:02:17

Caved and tested and BFN, no more testing for me till at least Monday. Honestly. I promise smile

Binglesplodge Tue 07-Feb-17 18:38:50

Haha why don't I believe you...? I've got a 2-pack of Sainsbury's cheap tests but am waiting until at least Friday to give them a go. It's complicated by the fact we've got family visiting from Saturday until Thursday next week so I'd rather find out before they're here so we can enjoy it together for a bit before we have to act as if nothing's going on!

sureitsgrand Wed 08-Feb-17 10:11:15

OK, well I will wait till at least Friday! Shouldn't be hard,it's DS birthday on Sunday so I am busy organising bits and bobs for that, in any spare time outside of work. I find the two week wait much easier when busy!
I am nauseous at times and my boobs are sore. But I've thought that every month recently so I've given up symptom spotting.

Binglesplodge Wed 08-Feb-17 16:30:06

Really struggling to wait to test now: I've had a blinding headache and, more suspiciously, I have felt sick all day...

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