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Has anyone conceived with a 55-60 day cycle?

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51Months Tue 31-Jan-17 21:27:17

As username suggests - we have been trying for 51 months so far. Finally sought diagnosis for infertility last year and still undergoing tests.

I had a period beginning of DEC and am having one again now which works out as a 58 day cycle. This is the closest I have ever in my life come to a normal length menstrual cycle; naively I am feeling rather hopeful about it, despite it being the first one and probably a one off!

Has anybody here naturally conceived with a cycle of this length before? If so; how often were you DTD? Did you use OPKs?

I've never had a positive OPK before but then like I said i have never had a menstrual cycle this short before. We usually just DTD every 2/3 days (more habit and enjoyment now than TTC anymore as we have kind of accepted it won't happen naturally) ... Should we just carry on with this?

Crossing my fingers and toes!

PrimeraVez Wed 01-Feb-17 06:55:22

Slightly different situation, but my last cycle was about 50 days long (it was my first cycle since I stopped breastfeeding) According to OPKs, I ovulated around CD 30 and I ended up getting a BFP about a fortnight later. Unfortunately it didn't stick but a blood test confirmed that I had managed to conceive.

Good luck!

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