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When is the right time?

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WhiskyChick Tue 31-Jan-17 15:45:08

Hi, I'm pretty new so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Just wanted some opinions on when the right time to have kids is? I'm 37 and there are times I get stressed i'll have left it too late.

Bit of background. Was married and while we weren't TTC we didn't try to stop it. However sex life was pretty much non existent and he never seemed interested so I wasn't massively surprised it never happened in those years. Been on BC for a few years now and eventually met the DP. We've only been together 18 months but I was open from the first date about wanting kids (because seriously what's the point in wasting time!). He has kids but would also love one with me (even the kids are up for another).

But it's got me thinking about when the right time to start trying is. I know coming off BC will take time, and my periods have never been regular.

Uh!!!! Sorry, this turned into more of a ramble than I planned. Just looking for some advice confused thanks x

physicskate Tue 31-Jan-17 15:53:36

There never is "the right time". There are wrong times though. Nothing will ever be perfect. Time is not on your side. If you want to be a mother, I'd get going sooner rather than later if you are in a reasonably steady position to do so.

ohbigdaddio Tue 31-Jan-17 16:36:50

I'd say start trying soon if it's what you want! I'm 38 and also worry I've left it too late (see my recent post). Is there a reason you're holding back? Is your relationship with DP good?

haveacupoftea Tue 31-Jan-17 20:34:31

Now would be the time if youre sure about him and you want it.

Oysterbabe Tue 31-Jan-17 21:02:56

To be blunt, you're 37 so the right time is now.

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