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Fertilecheck Fertility Gel

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confusedat23 Tue 31-Jan-17 13:29:47

Hi Ladies,

Has anyone used the Fertilecheck Fertility Gel you can buy in boots?

I have assumed it is alot like Preseed and Concieve Plus but I just wanted to hear of anyone that has actually used it.

JeNeBaguetteRien Tue 31-Jan-17 13:55:48

I have been using it for the last cycle and this one. No news so far, the one I got comes as 6 little tubes. It says to use a whole one for each time you DTD but I find it's loads so get 2 doses and could probably get 3. It's quite runny. Good luck!

MulderitsmeX Wed 01-Feb-17 12:07:47

Ah yes I use this. Can you get the other 2 in boots?
I picked it as i just needed some lube and know you can't use Durex. I conceived second cycle after starting to use it. The tubes are annoying as I'm not too sure if it's ok to make the tube last a week or if I should throw it away as the air is getting to it.

It definitely does the job lube wise too!

confusedat23 Wed 01-Feb-17 14:17:45

I used it last night ladies and it was really good! I seem to need a bit of extra help in the lube department and this seems to work really well. Although i threw the tube away after using it optimistic thinking that i wont need too much of it i also just used it like normal lube instead of sticking it up there! Lol

MulderitsmeX Thu 02-Feb-17 18:24:58

Oh are you supposed to put it inside? I just put it on the willy as it gets up there anyway!

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