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Tattybogle89 Mon 30-Jan-17 09:20:24

I have had bacterial vaginosis before.. It either disappears itself o I use balance activ pessarys and that gets rid. We started trying to get pregnant and now I've noticed a bad smell right around the start of my two week wait 😡 I have read it can stop u conceiving and also that it can stop the fertilised egg implanting..Nd also it can cause miscarriage..
Now I'm scared. And gutted I'm out this month. Can I use the pessarys whie waiting for implantation? Would this help or hinder implantation? Dont want to ruin my chances this month 😢 would struggle with that. Desperate for a baby. Please help. I dont want to go to the doc and get antibios incase I am going to be lucky this month and antibios could endanger it.. Also they tend to give me thrush.

Would balance activ pessarys affect chances of implantation if i have a fertilised egg? They are safe for use in pregnancy but I don't want to mess up chances of conception.

Thankyou.. Xxx

Tattybogle89 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:41:56

sad bump

Poppins2016 Mon 30-Jan-17 18:40:33

I'd ask a pharmacist or your GP. They should be able to give you something that will be compatible with TTC.

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