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One step basal thermometer...

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juliettetango Sun 29-Jan-17 21:02:40

One step basal thermometer... who has it? Where do you take the temperature from.. armpit? Mouth? It beeps 4 times when I first put it on.. but I don't get a beep at any other time. It doesn't seem to stop & keeps going up & then turns off.. what am I doing wrong?? Help please!x

Newtoday Sun 29-Jan-17 22:19:55

I take the temp in my mouth.

I wake up. Press button once. Put in mouth. It shows "Lo" when ready on screen but my room still dark so I can't see - but before the thermometer beeps 4 times! Take out when beeps 4 times as this means temp is recorded. Can take a while to get to stable temp.

When I'm up and about I press the button and hold, which reveals the last recorded temp...

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