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Conception accupuncture

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MulderitsmeX Sun 29-Jan-17 18:23:30


Thought I would start a thread for everyone who is getting accupuncture atm.

Am in SW london
£60 per session

First session I had 4 in my legs, one above my knicker line, one on my forehead and one on the crown on my head. The one on my forehead gave me a really bad headache (got it out immediately) and had a dul headache all day. Took the one on my crown out too.

Think it helped a bit, I was having cramps from an ill advised gym session 13 days after erpc and they went away almost immediately.

I've been advised to have it every other week for 3 cycles so am aiming for that.

DT2016 Sun 29-Jan-17 19:20:08

I was having acupuncture, although to help me post miscarriage...which turned out to be extremely complicated and nearly killed me...not something those little needles were ever going to be able to help with!

However, I plan to restart acupuncture once I'm in a position to think about trying again. I have faith that it can help. If nothing else, it helps me to sleep better!

Good luck for your BFP very soon.

Mammabear31 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:32:03

I've had 2 sessions, both a few days before fertile period. Hasn't worked in helping to conceive but has helped to reduce stress levels and headaches. Strange the things those tiny needles can do.

Hippychic79 Mon 30-Jan-17 10:22:16

Hello ladies - I love alternative / holistic therapies ... so I do acupuncture as i read it was helpful with TTC.
I'm in the South West and have weekly sessions at £7.50 per session...
It's definitely helped with regulating my cycles and reducing my PMS.

I have 6 sometime 8 needles in my legs and feet, none near knicker line or in head.


Flashinthepan Mon 30-Jan-17 12:03:05

I've been having acupuncture pretty much every week since November last year after having an ectopic in May. £45 an hour in SW London. I've had various places, knicker line, ankles and shins, top of head. Also had one with just 4, one in each foot and one in each hand. Am hoping it worked as feel like this might be the month I get my BFP. I had post OV spotting for 1/2 weeks before each period, but this month just spotting a couple of days after OV then nothing, so hoping its a good sign!

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