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Started IVF - most painful period ever - has anyone else found this?!

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Nelli30 Mon 26-Feb-07 08:55:20

Hi there everyone.
I started my treatment cycle on 13th Feb, I am using the nasal spray at the moment and have been waiting for my 'normal' period before I can start the injections. I do normally get some pain but not this bad. I haven't rung the clinic yet, i thought i'd see if this has happened to anyone else on here first. I was up for 4/5 hours last night with excruiciating pain which had me in tears. I'm now at work and it has settled a bit but is still there, I almost draw a line right across my tummy. Also (too much info I know) the content of my period is not normal - its not fresh if you know what I mean, sorry to be so gross but I am a bit concerned. Has this normal when going through the treatment?!

TenaLady Mon 26-Feb-07 11:42:33

Hi there Nelli, Ive been through treatment 3 times and I dont recognise your symptoms.

I wouldnt hold the nasal spray accountable though. Just get in touch with the doctor and have a check up, it will probably be something totally unrelated.

Good luck and sorry nobody was about earlier to reply.

LatenightOwl Tue 27-Feb-07 23:09:55

Hi Nelli
sorry to hear all of this - was hoping you were going smoothly....I agree with Tenalady and think you need to speak with the clinic asap. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have never done the nasal sprays so cant say but when Ive taken the injections AF was just a little heavier than normal after the 2ww. Fingers crossed for you

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