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Agnus Castus, PCOS & TTC

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boatrace30 Sun 29-Jan-17 13:55:48

Currently TTC no.2. AF returned after stopping breastfeeding in August and have been actively TTC since. I have PCOS and cycles vary from 30 days to 55. No luck yet and very much not convinced I am ovulating. DD was conceived naturally after six months but I am sure we got very very lucky as I had similar problems. I have been monitoring fertility signs closely and get ewcm for about two weeks and this month had a temp spike but got AF 6 days later so wonder if I have a short luteal phase.

Anyway, I'm strongly considering Agnus Castus. I know there are tonnes of threads and what I seem to have gleaned is that it can help if you are irregular (I am) but is a disaster if you are already regular. I seem to hear more mixed things about PCOS.

Anyone out there been in a similar position? I know lots of you will say see GP but it's a disaster at my practice and I know I will be told it's a waste of time (after waiting 4 weeks to see them).

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