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PCOS and period disappeared

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pandarific Sat 28-Jan-17 12:34:29

So, for background, I have PCOS, am 32, 33 in July. I have a BMI in the slightly overweight category and have about 20lbs to lose and work full time in a stressful job. I'm 5:2ing to lose the weight.

My OH and I are getting married in early May and rather selfishly I wanted to wait until after the wedding to TTC so I could drink (I know, silly, but I wanted to enjoy the party) but I have since suffered a complete lack of periods since early September.

I've usually had pretty regular 5 week cycles but I know exactly why it's disappeared this time. I asked to try metformin to help with the spots and facial hair back in August-Sept, took it for a month and then decided to stop as I was feeling bad about also being on this and antidepressants - I just felt over medicated and like I was taking lots of stuff.

Anyway, I came off my antidepressants in early Dec with no problems so that's fine, but since the metformin in early sept, nada, no periods at all, just horrific facial hair and bad skin.

I am making a GP appointment but I am not sure that they can/will do anything. Also, should we start TTC before the wedding? I'd like two and conscious of fertility declining and even if all went like clockwork after I get my periods back (not that I'm banking on it) I'd be at least 34 TTC number 2.

Have any of you been in a similar situation? Do you know what might happen with the doctor? i know being overweight is my main issue, and I'm tackling that.

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