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Natural ways of regulating cycle

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cmxx Fri 27-Jan-17 12:16:35

Hi guys. I've been ttc 1 year this month and its getting a very long and tedious process.
I have the most irregular unpredictable cycles ever and I believe this is a factor to why I'm struggling to conceive. I had day 3 blood tests taken November last year which came back fine, but I have to go back for more blood tests when I have a positive opk.
The thing is I've been bleeding now for 4 and a half weeks. Some days its just spotting, and other days its like a light period, but only when I wipe. Because of the bleeding I haven't really been opk testing, but is there a chance it could be positive during bleeding?
What I really want to do is try to get my cycle a little more regular. I was wondering what tips or over the counter products people use to do this?

thanks all

Tattybogle89 Fri 27-Jan-17 13:18:23

I have just started taking seven seas trying for a baby pills, they have great reviews and lots of people have said they regulate their cycles x

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