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Did I ovulate?! Help!

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Bubblegum89 Thu 26-Jan-17 16:15:03

Been using opks since last month. Got a very strong positive around 11pm one night and on cd15 I ov'd (had right ovary cramps) This cycle I'm a bit confused. My opks had been light until I did one late Tuesday night (around 11pm again) and I got a dark line but not quite dark enough to be positive. The next morning (which was cd15 again) i got af type cramps in my left ovary that lasted a few hours. I had quite a lot more cm, I felt like I'd wet myself! Then I tested around 4pm and the line was faint. Took one more test in the evening and the line was fainter still. Now I'm worrying that I haven't ovulated as I never got a positive opk. Is it possible to get an almost positive and still ovulate? I don't know if maybe I missed the surge overnight? This is my darkest opk... Any help to stop me stressing out would be great!

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