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Feint line - a bfp or am I seeing things??

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CatRen27 Thu 26-Jan-17 13:22:18

What do you ladies think? Preggers or wishful thinking? Lookedl like this after 10 minutes. Thanks x

Houseworkavoider Thu 26-Jan-17 13:25:46

I see a line!

2sCompany Thu 26-Jan-17 13:27:43

I can see a line, but if it's out of the 10 minute limit as you say, I'm not sure how much I'd trust it. Try a digital maybe?

CatRen27 Thu 26-Jan-17 13:28:47

Good thinking. Trying hard not to get too excited! Thanks

MrsBobDylan Thu 26-Jan-17 13:31:09


IamPoopyHead Thu 26-Jan-17 15:34:27

I see a line there. Fingers crossed for you!!

CatRen27 Fri 27-Jan-17 15:03:04

Had spotting a week before af was due but now think at has arrived early. Not sure if it was a chemical pg or what but pretty disappointed! Onwards for next month. .

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