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CD34 (15DPO) Pink discharge, BFN & Panic.

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OnNaturesCourse Thu 26-Jan-17 00:00:53

I stopped BC in Dec and had my withdrawal bleed 23-26 Dec. I had a smiley positive ovulation test 14-15 days ago and BFN throughout last week. Last BFN was 2 days ago. Also 2 days ago i got pale pink discharge only when wiping but its got worse and im now wearing a pad for it - should i be worried? Background i have a UTI and had thrush for two weeks, this just started to clear yesterday. I feel tight inside but again this seems to easing along with the thrush problems. Nurse at out of hours hospital did last PG test and said discharge would something to discuss with GP (no female nurses at out of hours) but did say i could just be irritated? Im so worried its something sinister when really it could just be a post pill thing? Feel like a anxious annie 😒😟

Charley2016 Thu 26-Jan-17 08:53:09

It's very likely it's just your first proper post pill period (which is often different or not like your normal) your lady bleed would have just been the withdrawal and this is your first proper period? I would think if you were pregnant you would have a positive test by now, although some dong so if you don't get a full bleed in the next few days try another test flowers

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