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Anyone know much about bbt charts? Pic included!

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Seacrown Wed 25-Jan-17 18:51:04

Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help.
TTC 14 months. Charted early on but stopped, restarted again this month. My chart at the minute is below, currently 8dpo. I know it's still early in my luteal phase but could this possibly be triphasic? Does anyone know roughly when a triphasic chart would become apparent? My charts from 2015 are continuously up and down while this looks more consistent. Any insights would be most appreciated!

physicskate Wed 25-Jan-17 19:18:47

Might be. I had a triphasic cycle a few cycles ago. It didn't end in pregnancy... but I think I remember something about it maybe being slightly more indicative of pregnancy.

I had my hopes up. I have my hopes up every cycle... sigh...

CordeliaFitzgerald Wed 25-Jan-17 19:27:29

I had a triphasic chart the month I got pregnant - had a dip at 7dpo then big jump up to third phase which started on 8dpo. Got BFP at 11 dpo. Most of the stuff I read didn't really back up the triphasic theory though so maybe it was just coincidence...
good luck!

Seacrown Wed 25-Jan-17 19:32:00

Thank you ladies. I think that's the problem, I can't help but look for possible signs and get my hopes up too much. It sounds like I'm not alone! How long have you both been charting for? Did you find it helped? I'm not sure obsessing like I am now can be good in the long run?confused

BertieBotts Wed 25-Jan-17 20:15:34

Could be triphasic. It seems a bit early to me though. Have you done a test?

Seacrown Wed 25-Jan-17 20:31:15

No I assumed it would be too early!! If it stays high I think I will at the weekend!

BertieBotts Wed 25-Jan-17 21:20:04

I reckon it's worth a go as long as you're in good humour with the fact a BFN might just be a too early test.

CordeliaFitzgerald Wed 25-Jan-17 21:46:54

I've been charting for almost a year now, I wouldn't be without it. I don't think it adds anything to obsession levels, I just like to know for a fact that I've ovulated, when it was and exactly when AF is due. If you didn't temp, you'd spend the same time symptom spotting, with the added wondering if and when you'd ovulated. Also, I find it dead easy, doesn't seem to make any difference what time I wake up at or if I've been asleep for 3 hours or whatever, still easy to see a clear pattern so no big hassle! Plus, the geek in me likes a nice graph grin

BertieBotts Thu 26-Jan-17 21:41:20

Me too! smile

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