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Low follicle count and low AMH

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MamaBear1976 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:41:45

Hi, I've just joined Mumsnet as I really wanted to share a happy story. When I got some bad news recently, I scoured the internet for stories of hope in my situation and none were easily found. It's so easy to give up hope, and although my devastation was short-lived, I understand how completely soul destroying bad news in the fertility clinic can be.

I am 40 years old and my boyfriend and I had been TTC for around 8 months. I wasn't particularly worried but given my age, I really just wanted to have some tests to rule out any problems. I didn't want to wait a year or two to then find out something was wrong. I tried my GP initially but even if you are over 40, you have to have been trying for two years for any kind of help from them (which I found incredible!) So, we paid privately for tests. I know quite a few people who have had babies into their 40s so I really wasn't overly concerned - I thought at worst, perhaps I would need IVF as it might be a bit harder at my age. However, I was told that I only had 3 follicles on each ovary and my AMH was only 0.9. I was devastated. The doctor told me I would probably never conceive, even with IVF. She said there just won't be enough eggs to collect and that the quality of the eggs will be very low. She said that if we did decide to try anyway, she would strongly advise us not to sign up to a three go programme, as it would be a waste of money and that we should just pay for one go initially. She went straight on to talk about counselling and egg donation. I did some research on the internet and basically the stats were saying that I should seriously consider whether to even bother trying IVF. I was just processing all of this for around three weeks and then we decided we would give IVF a go, as we would always wonder if we didn't. I had to have another blood test to check my FSH level. The doctor said that if this result was too high, some clinics wouldn't even accept me for treatment. The blood test for the FSH has to be done on day three of your cycle, so I was waiting to get my period. It was very late, but I just put this down to the stress and upset. However, two weeks later, I still had no signs so, just to rule it out more than anything, I did a pregnancy test..... it was POSITIVE!

I am now almost 14 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and everything is going well. I had the harmony test and it came back with the lowest risk for everything.

I hope this success story helps at least someone out there. I know when I was searching for happy stories, I struggled and read way more sad ones than happy.

Good luck everyone! xx

purplek1tty Wed 25-Jan-17 16:40:50

Amazing Story MamaBear. Congratulations!

MamaBear1976 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:04:27

Thank you purplek1tty. I still can't quite believe it! :-)

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