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Can anyone help me with this before I go out of my mind?

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IamPoopyHead Wed 25-Jan-17 14:42:56

I'm 12dpo today and for the last few days I've been feeling not quite right. Along with some stringy brown mucus 2 days ago I've been feeling just "off" for want of a better word.
Curiosity, and impatience, has just got the better of me so I've done a test. Within a minute or so I'm sure I can see a faint line. Am I imagining this? For a 33 year old it's amazing how quickly I've descended into panic. Thank you smile

WelshMammy123 Wed 25-Jan-17 14:58:17


I can definitely see a line. Whispering congratulations xx

bunnyrabbit93 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:03:17

I can see a line grin

Starfish33 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:05:07

I can see a line. Fingers crossed for you (as a fellow 33-year old hopeful!) x

IamPoopyHead Wed 25-Jan-17 15:08:01

Thank you so much for replying! I'm very tentatively getting excited. With DD1 it took us almost 4 years of trying, with lots of really invasive tests, to get her. This is month 1 of ttc number 2 so I don't really believe it could be real!

curlingandtwirling Wed 25-Jan-17 15:39:08

I can see a line. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

gazingatthestars Wed 25-Jan-17 15:58:56

I can see a line

gazingatthestars Wed 25-Jan-17 15:59:10

Try a first response test...

haveacupoftea Wed 25-Jan-17 20:03:22

Its there but i dont know if i would rely on it iyswim. Try a FRER.

bellabelly Wed 25-Jan-17 20:06:30

I see it. It's faint but there! Have you got a digital test handy?

IamPoopyHead Wed 25-Jan-17 21:33:54

Did a FRER this evening and nada, nothing there. I did think it was a case of wishful thinking. sad
Good luck to everyone else in their 2ww smile

lauryloo Wed 25-Jan-17 21:35:16

I can definitely see that line. Retest in the morning xx.

Roseandbee Wed 25-Jan-17 23:06:53

I'd try again with fmu, evening not the best time to test, especially if your only 12dpo good luck x

IamPoopyHead Thu 26-Jan-17 14:14:18

FMU tested with a FRER and it's negative. It's all good, as I said it's only the first month smile
Thanks for replying everyone, I appreciate it.

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