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nothing is keeping my mind at peace

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Mrshand123 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:03:13

hi all i came off depo early December, i haven't had a period as of yet but had tiniest amount of spotting early Jan, ive had some bad cramping most of the month. last week at an impulse i brought a ovulation test, the first day as a high result then the next day it was a positive result. i dtd the night of positive ovulation test. im still getting cramps, mainly on right side and sore boobs, is it my period on its way, pregnancy or just depo causing imaginary symptoms??
im so impatient and its killing me with all this waiting. last time i came off depo it took 4 months to get pregnant and got my period for about a month when i came off it, unfortunately i had a mmc.
Am i being impatient or is something actually happening? sad

CircleofWillis Tue 24-Jan-17 19:07:40

You are being a bit impatient but that doesn't mean that something hasn't happened. Nothing to do but wait so just relax. So sorry to hear about the previous mmc.

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