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Confusion with clear blue ovulation tests, help!

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buddybull Sun 22-Jan-17 21:25:34

Hi everyone, I started chatting my cycles and this is my first month using clearblue tests. I tested this morning as I'm almost halfway through my cycle and I got a blank face. I felt a few twinges during the afternoon so decided to test again and got a smiley face (it wasn't flashing it has stayed on the reader even after stick removal-static?) is this normal? How can I have gone from no surge detection this morning to the static face? Wouldn't there have had to have been the flashing face first? I'm also on my first few months of temping too, had a slight increase in temperature on fri/sat but this mornings was a slight drop. It's all so confusing!

HeyJupiter Sun 22-Jan-17 21:32:51

Hi, I think they recommend you start testing at around cycle day 7ish (depending on the length of your average cycle) so there is a baseline 'low fertility' that they can record against. I think you might have started testing too late in your cycle so there was no comparison for it to work against and therefore went straight to peak static face. You probably missed the slow build of oestrogen that the flashing face would have detected. This static face (which is in response to an LH surge) will now stay on the monitor for 48 hours and you can start testing again next month. You will likely ovulate in the next day so get DTD-ing smile

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