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Am I? Could I be? Really???

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Iwonthelottery Sun 22-Jan-17 09:05:57

Ok.. so I feel a bit daft posting this, but feel I need to as I feel like I'm going mad. I'm 41 and think I'm showing signs of early pregnancy. What I'd like is to hear your thoughts as to whether this could in fact be early menopause. (Sorry for lack of acronmyns, I'm not that used to using them yet).
AF (I know that one) last appeared mid Nov (I couldn't tell you the exact date). A couple of weeks ago I had mucusy discharge (TMI soz) and have had cramping really low down below, in fact it woke me up in the night.
My boobs are now feeling more full, and I have very tender nipples. This has only happened in the last couple of days.
I look 2 tests over a week ago (1 was first thing in the morning) and they were both negative.
I've got a Drs appt booked for 2 Feb - that is the earliest they can see me.
I have a 6 yr old son who I knew I was pg with as I had very early cramping and a test proved positive at 4/5 weeks.
Oh... and DH had a vasectomy over a year ago but has never bothered to do the final test, so he's never had the all clear. (Right now I could strangle him!) Haha!!

So... verdicts? Menopause, blip or could I be pg? Really???

Iwonthelottery Sun 22-Jan-17 14:32:12

So I've just done a Clearblue test and it's negative. So what's going on with me? Any suggestions? Why am I showing all the signs and no AF? I'm so tired all the time too, and was really expecting to see positive. I'm so confused now. confused

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