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Beckygizmov1 Thu 19-Jan-17 22:13:33

Hello everyone, I would like to apologise in advance as I am a complete amateur at this.

I wanted to start a thread for help (no doubt it's already been covered but I dunno where to look!).

Bit of backgound- Hubby and I have been trying TTC for 5years now, I have PCOS and Endo, which has been removed, also I have a small polyp in which the specialist says isn't a problem. Hubby has had all his checks and is all good too there was slight issue with the morphology of his little dudes, suppose to be 4% he was just under 3%, but they said the quantity of swimmers is above average so its nothing to be concerned about.grin

I had a lap and dye last August to assess any further issues, all okay and consultants happy with outcome. Now this is where the problem begins... Before my lap and dye I had lost 18lbs in weight and my periods had regulated themselves into a normal 28 cycle, something I had never had before, But, unfortunately after my lap and dye it never came back. I regained the weight and broke out in acne which I haven't had for over 12years. It was almost like the lap and dye reversed all my hard work sad anywho, I went to Fertility specialist in Nov 16 and they have decided to put me on Clomid, to take during my bleeds for 6 cycles until my next review. So my 1st question is, what are people's experiences of Clomid? what should I expect etc.
I still haven't had a bleed so I've been but on Provera for 10 days since last Friday to encourage a withdrawal bleed.

So 2nd question has anyone had to do the process this way also? Provera for 10 days then Clomid?

Please any experience, advice etc will be greatly appreciated. I'm back on my diet now and in a week I've lost 5lbs so hoping I can get it back off as I know it all helps.

Again sorry for waffling, THANK YOU! xx

YouBoggleMyMind Thu 19-Jan-17 22:23:04

Come join us on PCOS, Periods, Provera & Pals. Plus All The Bits In between.

All your questions can be answered in this and the previous 2 threads.

Just quickly though, take clomid at night to minimise any side effects. A lot of women get hot flashes.
Provera (a type of progesterone) is taken for 7 days or whatever you've been prescribed and then there might be another week or so of waiting for AF to come but as soon as she does, you can start clomid on which ever day you've been told to. For me I took it for days 2-6.

mistletoeprickles Fri 20-Jan-17 08:00:09

The provera is to induce a bleed so then you can take the clomid.

Different people react in different ways to clomid. I have never had a single side effect others have mood swings, hot sweats etc.

Clomid can lengthen cycles though. I always ovulated on day 17 and had a 34 day cycle.

I guess your starting dose will be 50mg days 2-6?

I'm currently pregnant with a clomid baby so it does work.

Beckygizmov1 Fri 20-Jan-17 09:32:35

@youbogglemymind thank you have watched the thread x @mistletoeprickles yes that's the dose I'm on. I'm just hoping clomid works for us as the only issue is that I'm not ovulating enough. How many cycles did you need to take before your BFP? X

mistletoeprickles Fri 20-Jan-17 09:52:23

becky my story isn't an ideal one. I have had 3 losses along the way so this is my fourth clomid pregnancy.

They were all early losses (before 5 weeks) and there is no link to the clomid.

Officially I have had more clomid cycles than is licenced. Basically 6 cycles are allowed because after 6 cycles there is very little evidence as to how clomid effects the body because nobody trying to concieve wants to take a placebo.

As I have a living child my options were limited and my consultant agreed to 3 more cycles and I fell pregnant on the second.

I have had 9 cycles over a 26 month period this is because I chose to have a break in them.

I don't ovulate at all naturally due to the PCOS hence why I had to have clomid but my dose has been a lot higher (150mg) because the lower doses didn't work for me.

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