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Rivegidon and loestrin 20

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gilL07643 Thu 19-Jan-17 09:04:15

Hi I was taking Rivegidon (which replaced microgynon) for a while and never had any issues however I seen a few articles in the paper and online about a women dying and other women being really ill after taking it and there's a petition online to get it banned.

I spoke to my doctor who said she still thinks it is safe but changed me to loestrin 20 which is making me bleed all the time.

I was thinking about changing back to Rivegidon because iv never had any problems with it but don't know if it is safe to take? Or if im just worrying after reading all these stories

gilL07643 Thu 19-Jan-17 09:42:47

Just realised iv put this in conception. Read it as contraception. Oops too early in the morning for me

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