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Coming off Cerelle (Mini Pill) - TTC - Any idea how long side effects will last?

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Pirate09 Wed 18-Jan-17 18:17:00

Hi - Newbie and although I've scanned some old threads before, I've not seen any that are recent and would appreciate some up to date experiences/advice if poss.

Partner and I made the decision and are ttc - I stopped on Day 10 into my 4th swatch/month of Cerelle (Mini Pill) after switching from 5-6 years on combi pill.

I'm now on Day 13 of no pill, we've had UPS so there's potential although I'm told it's relatively unlikely this early on - my main issue is I feel awful, icky/erratic spotting, PMS on steroids - sore, hyper sensitive/emotional, snappy and bloated coupled with occasional nausea/dizziness. I've done tests over the last 3/4 days as I grasped onto following Clue (period tracking app) and my old cycle on Yasmin/Mercilon - which would have been now - all test negative. I feel like I'm totally in the dark while my body goes rogue confused

How long will this last? Has anyone recently come off Cerelle after a few months, mid swatch and remembers how long they had this/when things went back to normal? To be honest, I could just do with someone telling me it's relatively normal and I'm not in for some horror story where it'll take a year to get AF?

Kri87 Fri 24-Feb-17 09:32:48

Hi Pirate09,

I'm super new to this too! I was on Cerelle for about 7months before that I was on microgynon for about 13years! I stopped taking Cerelle on 18/01/17 and felt like death after! Dizzy, sick, headaches! I had a withdrawl bleed exactly 28days after which was only 4 days and nothing like a real period. Mood wise I'm better after that but body wise I'm painfully bloated, tired, boobs are heavy and painful and i'm struggling to lose weight (for my wedding dress!).

I'm getting married in July so not TTC at the moment but just want my body to be ready as we will be trying asap!

I've read loads of these threads and they do make me feel like what I am going through is normal! I would expect you would have a with drawl in the next 2 weeks. I'm still waiting for my first cycle!

Good luck! xxx

Redpony1 Fri 24-Feb-17 09:53:46

Totally normal to feel so awful, i felt really crappy for the whole of Dec and beginning of Jan (came off on 5th Dec). Didn't have AF until 25th Jan which was annoying!

Pirate09 Sat 25-Feb-17 13:30:07

Thanks both for your replies, makes me feel far better knowing there are others feeling the same way. just cant believe nothing was said about cerelle when it was suggested to switch.

I'm still waiting for any kind of appearance although starting to suspect my body has gone into hibernation... hmm

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