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Late period

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LoveInTokyo Tue 17-Jan-17 21:19:07

Hi all

I had my implant removed in April and after a few months of just using condoms I had a copper coil fitted in August. Since having my implant out my cycles have been fairly regular, around 30 days, with the shortest being 26 days and the longest being 34 days. When we were just using condoms I was monitoring my cycle properly and taking my temperature in the mornings so I knew when I had ovulated, but in the last couple of months I haven't bothered keeping track of anything except the dates of my periods because the coil seemed to be working.

I'm now on day 40 of my cycle and no sign of my period. I took a cheap pregnancy test on Sunday and it came out negative, but my period still hasn't arrived. I took my temperature the last couple of mornings and it was raised, which suggests that I did ovulate last cycle, but I don't know when because I haven't been taking my temperature throughout this cycle. (Partly because I was drinking a lot over the holiday season and I know that can raise your temperature and interfere with the readings.)

Could I be pregnant? I have no other symptoms of pregnancy. This would be a pretty bad time for me to get pregnant.

Thanks for any advice xx

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