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Lower Abdo Pain

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Chellbells Mon 16-Jan-17 21:06:24

So we've been ttc for 9 months now and I've pretty much given up!
But for the last couple of days I've had a bit of possible ovulation pain on right side and this evening it is very crampy on lower right side and it feels very solid and different on the right side compared to the left.
Does anyone have any idea what this is? Is it just a normal side effect of ovulation or should I maybe get a Dr to check it out?
Hate feeling like a hyperchondriac - but ttc seems to make me so much more aware of every little change in my body confused

OnNaturesCourse Tue 17-Jan-17 00:31:20

Im calling my GP tomorrow for the same reason!

Chellbells Tue 17-Jan-17 09:41:27

Ooh if you don't mind sharing I'd be interested in what GP says?

OnNaturesCourse Tue 17-Jan-17 13:42:08

Bladder irrational for me. But I've got a known health issue with that so it is possibly different for others

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