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Going to a fertility clinic when already pregnant

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pregnanttoday Mon 16-Jan-17 13:27:43

I have recently had two very early miscarriages and I have been referred to a private fertility clinic. My appointment is this week but I did a pregnant test this morning at CD23 and it was positive. I'm unsure what to do about my appointment; it seems like it will probably be a waste of time and money (quite a bit of money!) to attend for an initial consultation at a fertility clinic when I am already pregnant; on the other hand, could they do something to help this one stick and will I regret cancelling if I have a bad outcome over the next week or two? I am already under the care of an ob/gyn so I will be seeing him during the next week. Has anyone else been in this position?

xStefx Mon 16-Jan-17 13:30:06

I would go , as you have said you have had early miscarriages. Also they may be able to give some advise on helping you to get through this one. Don't cancel. Congratulations :-)

Inadither Mon 16-Jan-17 13:31:52

I know someone who like you, could get pregnant. She kept on having miscarriages though. It was only through the fertility clinic and her own research that she was put on a steroid and now has x2 healthy dc after no more miscarriages. I'd go anyway.

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