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user1484545992 Mon 16-Jan-17 05:56:28

I went to see my doctor about tests to show if I'm ovulating or not which he refused (apparently I'm still young and should wait another year and lose more weight!) I'm 22, Have been trying to conceive for a year but my periods became very irregular to the point I was spotting for 2 weeks and not having another for 40 days. I took vitex in September then stopped and my cycles have became 31-33 days so I started using OPKs to track ovulation because I'm useless at remembering to take my temperature 🤒 anyhow I get a positive OPK, change in cm and cp and my period will arrive 14 days later! Is it likely I am ovulating?

passmethewine123 Mon 16-Jan-17 06:05:02

Sounds like it, get BDing!! Good luck 😊

Roseandbee Mon 16-Jan-17 15:23:31

They also sound like good signs but you can have a day 21 progesterone blood test to confirm wether you did ovulate. If you've already tried for a year your doctor should be willing to offer you this, if u still have no luck this cycle maybe see another doctor, waiting another year seems a bit extreme

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