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lizi311 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:40:17

Okay, am I being daft or do i have a reason to be bringing this up.

So basically me n my fiancè have decided to TTC. On Jan 3rd 2017 my merina was removed. I had unprotected sex on the 3rd & 4th, my period started on 5th, sex again on 8. Period stopped on 10th.

Since 13th ive been getting a weird taste in my mouth (almost like metal) and nothing will get rid of it. Also im exteremely tired to the point i could fall asleep everytime I sit down.

Is it even possible to get pregs that quick. Am i just overthinking this?

Any advice would be greatly appretiated

lizi311 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:40:52

Since the 12th not 13th

juliettetango Sun 15-Jan-17 20:52:39

I had a strong metal taste early on in my first pregnancy, I'm not sure with your dates if you would have ovulated but I'm sure someone else will offer better advice x

lizi311 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:57:36

With my 1st born (now 3.5yrs) i had no funny taste and extreme tiredness came 3rd trimester. My dates worked out where i concieved 4-5 days before my period.

Surely it would take some time for everything to get back to normal afer coil removal?

MrsMc11 Sun 15-Jan-17 21:32:14

I had my mirena removed in November and the nurse said I could fall pregnant straight away and if had dtd couple of days prior to removal could be pregnant. The symptoms I had that month after removal were crazy, like being pregnant but wasn't so could be either x

lizi311 Sun 15-Jan-17 23:54:09

Hmm. Ill have to wait until next month to see if i have a monthly.

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