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More questions! Positive opk this time!

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Flowers88 Sun 15-Jan-17 18:31:14

Hi all. I have so many questions this cycle!!!!

Ok so I posted the other day about being poorly and that causing my ov to be delayed.

So I randomly did an opk test yesterday pm and had a very strong positive. However I've still not had any EWCM and (tmi warning!!!) My cm is more like milky and wet - not abundant but it's there and I can definitely feel it.

My question to you is... i dtd yesterday morning - might i have caught? Has anyone else got a positive opk, no ewcm and gone on to get a bfp?! Do you think i am actually about to ovulate?! I did feel a twang in my left many questions!!!!!

Thanks and thank you to lovely ladies in January bus for your advice too!

All these questions are out of curiosity and excitement - despite how obsessed I sound I am calm halo

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