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OPK newbie advice, please

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Starfish33 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:20:35

Hi folks,

Just after a bit of advice, please. It's CD9 (TTC #1) for me and my first month of using CB digital OPK. I started using OPK yesterday (CD8) and have had two days of the circle graphic appearing (signalling low fertility) Have to say, even though I know it's unlikely to be at peak fertility yet the month, it's so disappointing when that circle appears! My cycle seems to be 28/29 days.

Today, I've had some stretchy CM - does this mean anything? From what I've read, this usually happens around ovulation time but I'm sure I'm not ovulating yet. DTD last night and am going to try to do it every other day until I'm ovulating...

Hope this isn't too silly a question - quite new to TTC and can't help but want to know what every bodily sign means!

Thanks in advance and happy Sunday x

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