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Thread 24. TTC #1 - It's been a tough start to the year but 2017 is still the year of the BFP

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AlexiaB Sun 15-Jan-17 13:57:45

Calling all OPK-ers, Temp-ers, Clomid-ers, Femara-ers, IUI-ers, IVF-ers and anyone else on the TTC #1 Bus.

It's not been the best start of the year for most but we're still trying to keep it PMA star

We've been going a while now so the novelty has somewhat worn off and we're slightly battle scarred and bruised in the cervix area. We've ditched the Gregorian calendar in favour of the TTC Cycle Day calendar, and we don't get a lot of baby dust in these here parts, we just keep it legs spread and fingers crossed (LSFX). We love a baby bomb from a prior bus-mate but if we get told to 'just relax and enjoy it' ONE MORE TIME you will get a punch in the face!

We have a new Grad's Thread. We recently lost a whole load of ttc veterans to the good side and we're absolutely desperate to join in the fun! May 2017 lead us all to upduffed heaven and the Grad's thread, amen.

We don't have rules as such but expect to be talked down from the ledge with kind but firm words if you get too hysterical. But most importantly, don't convince yourself that you're pregnant in the tww. That is paramount!

Hop on board, post your stats and prepare to be dazzled by the wealth of TTC knowledge we long-timeys have to share...

AlexiaB Sun 15-Jan-17 14:00:04

25 26 next month ugh
Cycle 21
CD4 after a CP

Totally fed up and emotionally unstable but I will be okay. I'll be back but just need a little time to heal flowers

sk1pper Sun 15-Jan-17 14:09:56

Cycle 17

BFN today - never seen that elusive BFP, having HSG next cycle then on to IVF. Good luck everyone!

Alexia - thanks for setting it up, hope you're feeling a bit stronger xx

colourmylife Sun 15-Jan-17 14:13:35

Cycle 7

Thanks for the new thread Alexia

Roseandbee Sun 15-Jan-17 14:19:24

Cycle 30 something without birth control but not actively trying (i feel like i need to clarify this all the time as i know cycle 30 might sound hopeless, but i'm not at that stage yet)
CD 23

FX everyone

GimbleInTheWabe Sun 15-Jan-17 14:33:24

Cycle 1
CD 17

flowers to all those who got a call from AF since I last posted. I spent yesterday surrounded by NINE children who were mostly under the age of 6 (minus 2 teens who were on their phones the whole day!). Incld my DPs gorgeous niece who is just perfect in every way, everyone is besotted with her. She has set some high standards!

I have a Q about the TWW.. does it start from the day you ovulate? I'm on CD17 so I am now in the TWW? Also as for getting the best chances of a BFP should you try to DTD before you ovulate? DP and I DTD the day before I supposedly ovulated, according to the app. I know this is probs primary school stuff but theres so much info out there and I know you ladies will tell me it straight.

InspectorPenguin Sun 15-Jan-17 14:39:03

Thinking of you Alexia and hope you're feeling a little better soon. And don't you dare go saying that 26 is "ugh" - I'm 36!! wink

Name: Inspector
Age: 36
Cycle: 11
Tests: HSG clear; PCO confirmed; SA normal; IVF referral made but not going to activate until the summer.
Approach: Au natural (AKA Fuck It). No temping, no OPKs, no CM tracking. Just sex every 2-3 days for most of the cycle. Got quite a few trips coming up in the next few months, including 2.5 weeks in Asia with DP, so focusing on those and just chilling out for now.

Not sure what CD I am on but think AF due around the 26th so just waiting it out until then really. We have 4 days on holiday in Europe next week so looking forward to that and will be having plenty of lovely food and wine (I don't subscribe to the tee-total TTC methodology wink)

Sorry to all of you who've had AF arrive or otherwise crappy times recently. Jam, really sorry to read about your latest stress with DH. I can well imagine how that felt for you. There is something very intimate about going to someone else's hotel room and even the most innocuous reasons can feel like a huge betrayal to you - even without the extra emotional strain you're under.
I'm sure that with a bit of time and after talking it through with you properly he will completely understand and make amends.

Sk1pper I hope your wrist is healing well and sorry about BFN. You tested really early though so don't lose hope.

Pyjamas and Sk1pper don't stress about the HSG! Mine was absolutely fine, I honestly didn't feel a thing and it's over pretty quickly. Take some pain relief beforehand but don't worry flowers.
I didn't get my BFP afterwards, sadly, but it seems many people do so let's hope it works for you both.

Gee sorry this cycle didn't work out for you. I can imagine the prospect of imminent IVF is daunting but at least it's very proactive action. Best of luck.

Hep is there any support for the RHR hypothesis? It sounds really interesting, and the sort of thing that could be very easily validated these days, but it isn't something I've come across before. I shall go off and investigate - largely because mine has been increasing since Thursday!

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend so far. Mine has been pretty lazy and I am currently putting off going into town because of the rain. Better get out soon though otherwise poor DP is not going to have anything to eat before his night shift tonight....

Kathrino Sun 15-Jan-17 14:43:15

Blatant placemarking on the new thread, will catch up properly later. Thanks for starting it Alexia flowers

Cycle 14
CD 8

Starting investigations for why we've never had a hint of a BFP later this month.

LSFX to all!

miwelaisjacydo Sun 15-Jan-17 14:47:42

27 almost 28
Was 26 when I started TTC journey.
No idea which cycle I am on.
Not one sniff of a BFP.

Jem- wow your other half needs a kick up the arse what a twat.
Alexia- glad your taking time to build yourself again.

sk1pper Sun 15-Jan-17 15:04:17

Inspector - thanks for your reassurance, my desire to have it done greatly out weighs my anxiety and worried but it's comforting to hear than anyway. Also, you say that you're not going to activate your IVF referral until when you're ready? Is that using the NHS? And do they give everyone the option to start it when they want to? What happens when you do decide to go through with it - do you have to call a number or go back to the GP? Sorry for all the questions!!

harrietm87 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:16:59

Hello new thread, thanks alexia and really hope you're feeling better.

harriet, 30
First proper cycle ttc#1 after a CP and break last year
CD9. Ovulation usually around day 20 so still a week before FW - getting some practice in anyway!

jam that is awful behaviour of your DP. You are right to be fuming and don't deserve this. This is a hard q to ask but do you believe that he has now told you the full truth?

Pyjamas81 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:46:51

Age: 35 (36 in a couple of months 😫) DH is 41
Cycle: 8
Test day: waiting until AF is a day late to avoid seeing a BFN so 11th Feb
Have been for first round of tests - ultrasound was normal, I am ovulating, DH SA was good, next step is HSG to check my tubes. Making an appointment for that for this week. Thanks for the reassurance penguin! My AMH score was low for my age - so we do need to get a move on (no pressure then).

Ah jam - I would be fucking livid with DH as well. I think it can be challenging for my DH because even though ttc is happening to both of us, he's one step removed as it's not actually happening to his body - so it's easier for him to disconnect and go on a big bender.

kwick Sun 15-Jan-17 15:56:26

Thanks for new thread Alexia! Take all the time you need flowers

I am Kwick:
TTC #1
Started tests etc in May 2015, did first natural IUI in September 2015 - since then I have done 9 "treatments" - natural IUIs, medicated IUIs, medicated IVF (resulting in BFP, which I sadly MCed at week 8), natural IVF - I am currently 6 weeks pregnant from a round of medicated IUI.
I am 42 and single and praying every single second of every day that I do not MC again.
I sometimes (but not often enough) reward threaders with kwick cake but my memory is shocking so often have to be reminded.
I have "top tips" for lead up to ovulation and 2ww.

Of course not hippy!!! No offence taken.

jam not sure what advice to give but it sounds like your DH got caught in a hard to say no to situation... very hard when more senior person doing the bidding. Sounds like he is contrite and will hopefully be stronger next time.

Sorry about AF colour flowers

Pugmummy87 Sun 15-Jan-17 16:01:02

Just marking my place.

Cycle 17

Successfully got bfp on cycle 16 but sadly going through early miscarriage at 5 weeks.

Sorry to all those who have AF flowers
Lots to try and catch up on.
Not much to say except I think the worst is over now. I took the day off work Friday as just couldn't face work (not sure if those of us who are long time ttc's remember that I'm a midwife). I'm meant to be back to work tomorrow and then a night shift on Tuesday but I just don't feel up to it. Feel bad for letting colleagues down. Think I may ask GP for sick certificate...

OrangeCloud18 Sun 15-Jan-17 16:05:07

Cycle 1
CD 37 (yeah AF still not here and BFN on 2 tests)
Endometriosis sufferer, waiting for AF to finally show up as I'm pretty sure there is no chance of me being pregnant right now!

colourmylife Sun 15-Jan-17 16:49:06

pug if you don't feel up to going into work please don't feel bad. You need to put yourself first.

kwick Sun 15-Jan-17 17:22:07

pug you should definitely take the time you need - to grieve, to be sad, to be angry. But I promise you things do get better and you will come out of this stronger and more determined. 💕

WingingIt83 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:22:35

Another marking my place

No longer really "winging it"
Age 33
Cycle 11, CD17
Have kicked off things with Gp and going for cd21 bloods this week (after they messed them up last cycle). DH doing his SA this week too.

Sorry about your DH jam I'd be fuming too. But the fact he told you I think means he knows he was in the wrong and hopefully realises how much he's hurt you.

Kaydee2017 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:32:25

Thanks for the new thread alexia, & flowers - hope you're doing ok

Age 27
Cycle 2
CD3 (and still painful AF cramps, looks like my AFs aren't getting any better off the pill!!)

Sorry everyone but I can't get the old thread to update, will catch up as soon as my technology starts playing ball angry but flowers & PMA to those who need them!

miwelaisjacydo Sun 15-Jan-17 17:40:05

Jem sorry my PP was a little rude. Hope your ok

Tonks87 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:41:25

I'm Tonks

Age 29
Cycle 4 (7 months off the pill & tracking cycles)
CD 7
BFP due 5th Feb

Trying my best to stay positive this cycle, but I'm a natural worrier (and DH even more so), so although it's been a relatively short journey so far I've found it really hard.

It's lovely to hear from you both Alexia and Pug. I hope time is healing and you're both doing ok.

Presh88 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:42:28

Hi all sorry have been fairly rubbish with keeping up this thread is very fast moving!
Pug I'm so sorry to hear about your mc - definitely don't rush back to work until you're ready.
My stats:
Age 28
Cycle 1 of properly trying since stopping the pill in Oct.
CD 30 with AF due on Friday. Trying hard to keep cool but last night had some unusual cramping and one very sharp pinching feeling in left pelvic area shock. No spotting and really trying not to get my hopes up about implantation but it's difficult not to wonder if that's what it was.
Anyway AF is due on Friday and will be testing Saturday if she's not arrived as it's my birthday meal out and want to know whether I can drink or not!
Hope everyone's doing well I have been reading if not replying much flowers

Londonjam Sun 15-Jan-17 17:48:55

Jam here reporting for duty 
33 years young
Cycle 14 
CD 11

GP tests done and waiting for our first appointment with the specialist. DH has low morphology and is in the doghouse as won't quiz the booze. 

skipper I'm really angry and upset. It's not just the continued drinking but also lying to me about where he was. He's very apologetic and says he's all over the place with TTC (or what I'm now calling TFC Trying and Failing to Conceive). Hmmm. 

colour really sorry AF got you. It's awful when you get your hopes up. Better luck this cycle 

Thanks for the new thread alexa I hope you're doing alright. 

Hello inspector good to see you're doing okay. Yes the hotel bedroom just felt inappropriate to me, I don't think he would be happy if I went to a colleagues bedroom on a work trip. I have made it very clear how unhappy I am about it. He said he felt under pressure because it was the captain - I'm annoyed the captain was putting pressure on him. This girl might have been upset but what about his co-pilots partners back home? Ugh

harriet I do believe him. I said how do you expect me to believe anything when you've lied? He's offered to give me the captains phone number and said I can check with him. There's no reason to think he's lying any more. I don't think for a second it was anything more than he said, I'm just so pissed off and upset that he thought it was more important to go to his colleagues room than think of me and my feelings and just go to bed. He is extremely apologetic but I don't see this being brushed under the carpet easily. And it's fertile week this week 😫

pug don't you feel bad for a moment. Take all the time you need. It's an awful experience you are going through and you need time to heal emotionally and physically 💐💐

Londonjam Sun 15-Jan-17 17:49:57

Miw no worries at all, he was a prize twat last night

Londonjam Sun 15-Jan-17 17:52:13

Sorry you're still waiting orange I hope it's BFP for you - we are due some!

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