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What ovulation tests??? HELP!!!

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DuRezidal Sun 15-Jan-17 13:44:04

I am currently in cycle 3 TTC after having our daughter 5 years ago.

Last time I used a CBFM and got pregnant in the first cycle I used it with very clear readings. So I bought a new one when we started to try for a second baby, but I haven't had the most accurate results this time.

My first cycle using it I got 10 consecutive high days with no peak, and this cycle I didn't really give it a chance as I was really busy and forgot to test a few days.

So I am looking to be a little more organised this coming month, and am thinking of using ovulation tests alongside the CBFM.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I don't want to be spending crazy money on testing as this could be a longer term thing due to my age (34 in a month).

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